Monday, April 27, 2009

April Showers??

Ok, so I should be used to tornado warnings. There were two tornadoes on the ground last night. One fairly close to us. I've lived in Kansas all my life and I've never seen a tornado. I've since the devastating results of them. We were all in the basement last night. We have pizza night on Sunday nights and all 9 grandchildren were here along with 5 adults. Just when we were getting ready to eat our pizza the tornado sirens went off. We packed up the pizza and all the kids and headed for the basement. Have you ever seen 9 kids "juiced" up by a storm? It's not a pretty sight! Anyway, we didn't have any damage done to our house or property. There was just lots of rain and wind. I'm ready for May flowers and yes, the grandkids went home. Thank you!!

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