Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trailer Love!

Everyone has been asking me about my trailer redo. Well, here it is. If it looks different than the first one I posted, it is because it is a different trailer! The first one just required too much work. I will be painting the outside. I have it parked in front of my house right now and have taken a lot of teasing from friends. I'm working on the inside and have painted the walls and they look almost like metal. The ceiling is whitewashed. I will be installing a floor and upholstering one wall. It will be parked out close to our lake with an arbor over it with vines growing over it and flagstone all around it. I will keep you posted! Oh, check out the one picture of the outside with yellow stuff coming out of the vent. It was open clear through to the inside of the trailer. I bought some of that foam insulation and sprayed it in the hole and then waited for a few minutes and then covered it up on the inside with a piece of wood. Well---the insulation started coming through the vent on the outside. I laughed so hard!! I cleaned it up and it still kept coming. Now I have some clean up work to do before I paint the exterior. :-)

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