Saturday, March 17, 2012

New sculpture, drape, iron headboard

Just finished sculpting this out of terra cotta clay.  She is probably about 3 ft. tall.  I will probably paint her off white and then add maybe an antiquing glaze.  I have a wooden wagon that I put flowers in during the summer and she will probably stand by that.  I'll  post another picture of her after I get everything set up.

I hung this iron headboard from a beam in my studio.  It's hung from pipe that I covered with velvet.  I didn't like seeing the chain so I put small scraps of fabric in the chain and tied some along the bottom.  The fabric is all silk velvet that I have dyed.  I'll probably be hanging some more things as time goes on.

I made this drape from several drop cloths.  It is also hung from the pipe that is attached to a beam.  I tied it back using different strips of silk velvet and added rhinestone jewelry and a vintage flower.

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